About Us


‘Unite America USA (UAUSA)” is a professional organization comprised of individuals from a wide range of professions which includes a robust team of attorneys nationwide.  With over 30 years combined experience in organizing events to support special causes, our team is well-positioned to offer assistance and referral support to those who find themselves victims of many civil liberties violations – violations, similar to those voiced daily by demonstrators to the Trump Administration.


UAUSA will be hosting a number of fundraisers, rallies, & concerts throughout the country to support organizations and agencies that protect and offer legal representation to those who would otherwise be at a lost without such support. Our goal is to raise $100,000,000 and open 100 new Unite America USA Chapters throughout the world within the next 6 months. Our 1st March is Unite America USA March in Los Angeles.

About the March 

Unite America USA (UA’USA) March stems from the current political environment of unrest taking place all over our nation. It addresses a fundamental question (fear) of the American people, namely, “Will the New Administration really help the American people?” It’s no wonder that marches are happening weekly around the country since President Trump took office.

The aim of the Unite America USA March is to ensure that these movements aren’t short lived but impactive on the New Administration. The Unite America USA March can be viewed as a flame, igniting us to action beyond rhetoric and debate. So, in keeping up the momentum of numerous noteworthy groups such as The Women’s March, LBGTQ, Black Lives Matters, ACLU, All Lives Matter, to name a few, Unite America USA March requires us to take a firm look in the mirror to decide which side of the fence we rest on – with the complainers or the doers.

By blending numerous voices with a public cause, Unite America draws on the voices of guest speakers from the Media, Movie, Entertainment & Music Industry to relay a powerful message, our message, to the Trump Administration – His Power Is Our Power.

We invite you to join us April 8th, 2017 at our Los Angeles Unite America USA March to help ensure that all our liberties are protected. Please register today!



For the People, by The People