March Overview

Unite America USA March (UA’USA)
Los Angeles on 8 April 2017

‘Unite America USA March is a one of a kind Worldwide March with fellow Americans from across the country, as well as invited members of the Press, and invited people from the 6 banned predominately Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa (Iran,  Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen).

The March is set to take place on April 8, 2017 at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Details will be sent via email and regular updates will be made available on our website for those who wish to participate in our march.  The plan is to have participants gather at a designated location in Exposition Park before Marching. After the march, participants will head to the location where the March talks will take place. This amazing March will feature pioneers in Media, Radio, Television, Film, Celebrity icons from multiple music genres and finally, Guest speakers from the nations Trump wants to ban. These individuals will voice our concerns to the New Administration. Their voices will not go unnoticed.

Instead of trying to stifle the press, we’ll hear about the need to uplift their constitutional rights of free speech and an uncensored press. Instead of building walls or imposing bans on people who are the fabric of America, we’ll hear about building stronger lines of communication and allies to make the world a better place. Instead of undermining health coverage, we’ll hear about diverse health plans. Instead of tweeting, we’ll hear about the power of education and cooperation. Instead of belittling women, we’ll hear about empowering them. Instead of fighting, we’ll hear about our need for focus and unity right here in America.

Join us April 8, 2017 as we Unite America to show the Trump Administration and the world the power of our collective voice!

This is a free event! However, any donation will be used to support organizations focused on assisting individuals in need of legal defense as a result of bans or immigration issues.  Get involved today to be a part of the solution. Your donations are fully tax deductible. This event is made possible for the People, by the People of this Great Country!